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The team at the iNNiTi effect brings shared experiences and insights across industries and disciplines.

Who we are is written into the DNA of our company, from our values to our name. The principles and practices we teach are founded in both the tradition of lean thinking and the growing research in behavioural science. We want to make great things happen and play an active role in building a Britain that’s fit for the future, and you can find out more about WHY WE DO iT here.

Our love for combining schools of thought in unique ways is reflected in our name:

iNNiTi is Latin for ‘lean’ – at this time meaning to support, however the principles of lean thinking can easily be seen in the way the Romans designed roads and ships.

The….effect reflects the ‘butterfly effect’, which in chaos theory concludes that a large change can be made through one or more small state changes.

We think the iNNiTi effect suits the work we do well! Alongside our own expertise, we work with a talented group of associates, whose knowledge and experience covers all organisational functions in a variety of sectors.

Alexandra Poole



With a passion for change and the social responsibility of organisations, Alex created the iNNiTi effect to help our clients to deliver sustainable change for the future.

She has successfully led and coached enterprise-wide transformation programmes in a variety of sectors and worked as a trainer in lean competency, helping to achieve £million bottom line savings.

Alex is a Chartered Manager and a member of both the Chartered Management Institute and the Lean Competency System.

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Humber Skills Pledge and Young Enterprise

If you would like to find out more about the iNNiTi effect
or to enquire about joining our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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