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2020-06-30T12:59:15+00:00June 30th, 2020|

Customers are the foundation of any businesses’ success, without them, our businesses would cease to exist.

Ensuring you understand what your customers want and more importantly, why they choose to do business with you is crucial to your business success. And with COVID-19 adding to the challenges business owners face, it’s vital that you don’t lose sight of your biggest asset – your customers!

Adding Value

Whatever work you do is either value-adding or non-value adding. According to the business improvement process, LEAN, the guiding principle is that only customers can define value. ‘Value’ is what the customer is willing to pay for and by this principle, most processes are 95% waste and only 5% value.

When thinking about what you offer to your customers and most specifically, the customer experience, it is vital that you get to know them and their businesses in detail. One of the biggest challenges we face as businesses are getting our customers to clearly define what they are looking to achieve, for example, value is often implied as opposed to clearly outlined.

Cutting the grass

As an example, let’s think about the task of cutting grass. From the initial thought to finally getting it done, the only part of the task that adds value is when the blades of grass are cut. However, what is ‘implied’ is that you have a box on the back of the mower collecting the grass, so you don’t have cut grass all over your lawn.

Therefore, it is not just the grass being cut that adds value but it is also being collected and binned efficiently. If you apply this theory to a work situation, you can see how it might sometimes be difficult to interpret customers’ needs and expectations. That is why it is important to define ‘value’ with your customers.

At the iNNiTi effect, our process for getting to know our customers is by creating in-depth customer personas. A customer persona is a semi-fictional archetype that represents the key characteristics of a particular audience. We identify who they are, what matters to them and what their key challenges are. This then drives the type of services we offer so that we provide the customer with what they need.

Helping you to understand your customers

We offer a range of resources to help you develop your approach in getting to know your customer.

Through our Collaborative Learning workshops, we help businesses learn from their customers. From understanding the benefit of cellular working, by exploring specifically how you can add value and reduce waste through to identifying ways you can work for your customer through the principles of LEAN thinking.

We help you to understand how these approaches can be practically applied at all levels of your organisation to achieve inspired leadership, effective teamwork, and measurable, sustainable results.

Each workshop is tailored to you and your business needs and can be delivered at your premises or virtually. Our team will also identify any potential gaps in your business to create an improvement strategy helping you add value to your customers and ensure business success.

For more information about Collaborative Learning and how it can benefit your business, please contact us to discuss your aspirations.


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