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2020-11-10T09:31:03+00:00June 18th, 2020|

The world of work is changing at its fastest rate because of COVID-19 and many are still trying to navigate the ‘new normal’. Although remote working has been a rising trend in recent years, the UK lockdown has resulted in more and more employees embracing working from the comfort of their own homes.

However, home-working is not without its challenges and many may feel a slump in their usual productivity levels, especially as the weeks go on. To help tackle this, we’ve selected our four top ways to help increase productivity.

Maintain a healthy routine and take advantage of ‘me time’

It has been all too easy to fall out of a routine during the lockdown; however, it is important to try to stick to one. Many people would usually commute to and from work and use this period to prepare themselves for the day and also unwind before returning to family life at home. It is extremely beneficial to still make this time for ourselves. As an example, our Managing Director, Alexandra, benefits from ensuring she has a half an hour walk in the morning and a half an hour walk in the evening to replicate her usual commute. This puts Alexandra in a better frame of mind and by taking some ‘me time’ builds her resilience.

Make a list and prioritise 

One of the best ways to boost your productivity levels is by listing your tasks for the day. There are several productivity planners out there that can help. Many include separate sections for critical tasks, other tasks to get through (if you have time) and even exercise. They are a great way to set you up for the day, share with your now virtual teams and reflect on your output at the end of the day. However, you should be mindful to be realistic and set goals that are achievable. You cannot do everything at once.


It’s important to celebrate wins, big or small, as it gives your life and your work meaning. Acknowledging and celebrating success is a great motivator for individuals and teams because it strengthens the meaning behind all that hard work. This boosts our self-esteem and it encourages us to take the next step towards reaching the next goal.

Employers should provide a supportive working environment

Businesses leaders need to consider the type of working environment they provide – especially throughout times when people are working from home on their own. Feeling lonely and unsupported can make employees feel vulnerable and unable to cope or demotivated. It is crucial that employees continue to feel they are supported to make them more resilient to change, happier and more productive. Virtual morning and end of day meetings are a useful way to keep in touch and address any problems or issues anyone may have. However, these should only be applied if they are adding value.

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