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2020-07-08T15:11:46+00:00July 6th, 2020|

Our founder and managing director, Alexandra Poole, has joined forces with fellow female consultants to establish Women in Consultancy, a new network for all of those who are passionate about the positive impact equality and diversity have on the workplace.

When Forbes released its 100 strong list of most innovative leaders in America last September, there was just one woman included. There are many statistics from across the globe that paint the same picture, that despite some progress, there are significantly fewer women in leadership positions than men.

Women in Consultancy was established in mid-March 2020 when the world was entering a global pandemic and businesses started closing their doors to visitors and consultants. During this nerve-wracking time, Alexandra had a discussion with consultants, Joanne Willis and Jane Baker, about how the pandemic would affect their clients, businesses and families. 

Recognising the benefit of that open dialogue, sharing challenges and ideas freely, the consulting trio realised that there must be others out there who would benefit from hearing about it and doing the same.

And so, the Women in Consultancy networks on both LinkedIn and Twitter (@WomeninConsult) were created, for all those who need that extra support, and teamship. On these platforms, you will find discussions around all things consultancy and women in business. The channels are communities for sharing experiences, thoughts, tips and questions. 

Women in Consultancy hopes to bring together people from across the consultancy environment, regardless of specialism, to inspire, build networks and promote one another’s successes.

Here are some of the topics Women in Consultancy covers: 

  • Inspirational women 
  • Opinion interviews from the community
  • Current affairs topics 
  • Stories from the community including your experiences and lessons learned

The network is not only promoting equality and diversity for women, but rather for all. Women in Consultancy would be delighted to hear about your stories, successes or concerns. 

Get involved in the conversation.

LinkedIn: Women in Consultancy 

Twitter: @WomeninConsult


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