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The team at the iNNiTi effect has a shared purpose: to drive change for the future.

Humber Business Week

At the heart of our company, we have a determination to support you to overcome key organisational challenges – enabling you to grow your value and increase your skills, profitability and sustainability to realise long-term growth opportunities that benefit you and your people.

From global companies to start-ups, we use our experience to coach people to transform organisations. Our focus is on practical solutions that best meet your needs and size of your organisation at both a strategic and tactical level.

Our clients experience a wide variety of issues that stem from fast-paced growth or the need to become more competitive. By challenging your everyday practices, we will help you to clearly understand where you are currently, the issues you need to overcome, and the steps needed to realise the opportunities to succeed for the long-term.

At least 55% of labour productivity growth will come from firms adopting existing best practice and the remaining 45% of productivity growth will come from innovation creation. 

– MGI 2015



Actively adopting technologies and management best practice can help reduce inequality between companies productivity and between individual’s pay, adding over £100 billion to UK Gross Value Added.

– CBI 2017

If you would like to find out more about the iNNiTi effect
or to enquire about joining our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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